Bariloche Travel Ideas

View from the Golf course at Llao LlaoBariloche has many options, this post add some information and ideas:
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There are many reasons to visit Bariloche: the beauty of unspoiled nature, snow and ski, fishing, trekking & hiking, camping, adventure, mountain biking, rafting, paragliding etc.  Bariloche fulfills the visitor’s expectations, no matter which they are. Your days can be as peaceful as you wish, or as packed as you would like.

The snow & ski can be enjoyed in Cerro Catedral, the largest ski resort in South America, or in Cerro Otto.

If you just want to go around and enjoy the sceneries, there are a number of activities, we call them “Travel Ideas”; day-trips, tours and excursions that you can make in your own vehicle, in a rented car or in a tour. There are several tour operators. You can see them all in: Travel Ideas.

The South of Chile is worth visiting, with completely different landscapes and culture. The crossing of the Andes is through a wide, totally paved road and the customs paperwork process is smooth and quick. For further information: Chile and Customs paperwork

Distance between Buenos Aires and Bariloche, and other various important cities

When you are traveling, you often need to know the between city distance of a particular area. This information is found on most maps; just consult the table of contents to see the relevant section. The distance may be displayed in kilometers or approximate time….More at What you should know about BarilocheBariloche.Org

Estancias in Puerto Madryn

List of estancias in Peninsula Valdes and Puerto Madryn.

Nombre Direccion Telefono Email
Arrieros Patagonicos Of. Av. Roca 501 4470016/ 154539104
Bordes de Patagonia Of.Puerto Madryn 154602001
El Deseado Of. Av. Roca 353 – Loc. 1 4451977 / 154539530/154716318
Hotel de campo Faro Punta Delgada Of. Sarmiento 312 4458444 / 154406304
La Elvira Av. Roca 835 Loc. 3 4452351 / 4450557
La Ernestina Of. Av. Gales 54 154661079
Loan Blanc Ruta 4 4472973
Rincon Chico Of. Bvard. Brown 1783 4471733 / 154688303/02
San Guillermo Puerto Madryn 4452150 / 4473583 / 154674576
San Lorenzo Península Valdes 4455888/4451108

Tours in Bariloche

Some of the tours in Bariloche are organized for visiting the lake and mountains that sourrend the city, some of the options are very well explained in this note:

Argentina - Bariloche 043 - Lago Nahuel HuapiNestled into the foothills of the Andes and built next to the stunning Nahuel Huapi Lake, San Carlos de Bariloche is a town primarily supported by tourism. Whether in the winter for ski season or the summer for rafting, kayaking, sailing, hiking, trekking or biking, Bariloche is the nature-lover’s nirvana. My first, admittedly nerdy thought upon taking in its breathtaking landscapes dotted with pristine lakes, fog-enclosed mountain peaks and lush forests was that it looks exactly like the New Zealand set of Lord of the Rings. After spending a month in the heat and humidity of the Buenos Aires summer, the delicious mid-60’s temperatures and fresh mountain air of this resort town was just what the doctor ordered….

As far as hiking goes, there are trails galore for every duration and intensity. Just ask the concierge where you’re staying or anyone with a backpack on the street what their favorite hike is and go explore! The 7,500 km Nahuel Huapi National Park encompasses all of Bariloche and the surrounding mountains, lakes, forests and plains. For those of a lazier disposition who still want to see the dazzling high altitude views, Cerro Campanario (Av. Bustillo km 17) is a small ski mountain about 20 minutes away town that offers chairlift service for $30 ARS. At the top there is a charming café with delicious postres (desserts) and spectacular 360º views….More at An Excursion to Bariloche | LandingPadBA Image by mckaysavage via Flickr

El Chalten Trekking Tours

I found something good, this post tells many things about El Chalten. Please read the entire “Particularities about El Chalten”:

The Fitz Roy

El Chalten is a town in the West of Santa Cruz province in Argentine Patagonia. Its location in the South of the Ands mountains right in the National Park of the Glaciers makes it the so called ”capital of trekking” in Patagonia.

The town El Chalten lies at the bottom of Fitz Roy mountain that is sometimes denominated as Chalten mountain. It means the smoking mountain/volcano as the first inhabitants here thought it was a volcano but actually it is the clouds almost always above Fitz Roy mountain….More at There is no place like El Chalten – a capital of trekking | Crazy sexy

Particularities about El Chalten:

  • It has a bus station (many bigger towns in Patagonia, such as Ushuaia or Puerto Natales, do not have any proper bus station.)
  • There is a tourist information at the bus station (apart from the one at the entrance to the town) but they are there only when they want to, e.i. not always. The same thing is with Taqsa (e.g. direct buses to Esquel, El Bolson and Bariloche). The guy working there comes to the office not when he is supposed to, but when he feels like. He told me he had also his own life. So don’t expect him to be there at 9 am when it should open, he won’t until after 10 am for sure.

Adventure Activities Ushuaia

Just adding a note with useful links:

Estação do Trem do Fim do Mundo

There are plenty of things to do in and around Ushuaia whatever time of the year you choose to come, but visiting in March will see the worst of the winter weather over and a greater range of activities available. Trekking in the woods and lakes around Ushuaia is especially popular in this season and there’s also still some skiing up in the mountains. Take a tour of the city, or hop on the Train at the End of the World, one of the town’s biggest attractions. Heated wagons take you on a two-hour trip up to the National Park Station through some stunning scenery bordering the River Pipo. The Jail & Marine Museum has interactive displays that illustrate the town’s interesting past, from when it was established and developed by convicts from the mainland. For more info go to

….More at March is the best time to see Ushuaia Image by Leandro’s World Tour via Flickr

Lobos Marinos Puerto Madryn

Una de las mejores actividades para practicar muy cerca de Puerto Madryn, snorkelling con lobos marinos:

“No es necesaria ninguna experiencia previa ni siquiera saber nadar”, asegura Marcelo Gutiérrez Corral en Lobo Larsen, uno de los sitios que ofrecen sumergirse en las transparentes aguas del golfo. El experimentado buzo, un nativo de Madryn, junto a Cecilia y Francisco, que recalaron en la ciudad chubutense para seguir explorando las maravillas que esconde el fondo del mar, son los encargados de llevar a los turistas hasta la lobería de Punta Loma, previa ceremonia de ser enfundados de pies a cabeza en neoprene, que no sólo asegura una perfecta flotación, sino que protege además de las frías aguas.

La excursión se inicia con una clase del instructor en la lancha, que en un corto viaje cruza las aguas del golfo y fondea frente a la lobería, donde en las alturas de las bardas descansa una importante colonia de lobitos. Es hora de largarse al agua y allí comienza la fiesta. Una gran cantidad de jóvenes ejemplares se acercan a los participantes de la excursión y sin ninguna timidez juguetean como cachorros a su alrededor, donde no falta un atrevido que trate de treparse a la cabeza del visitante. El snorkel invita a sumergirse en las transparentes aguas del golfo y ver, como a través de un finísimo tul, el incesante ballet de los lobos nadando. Marcelo es el encargado de inmortalizar con su cámara submarina las imágenes de la aventura, que como Petra y María, dos jóvenes alemanas, sin duda llevarán a su Fráncfort natal para asombrar a sus familias y amigos con el testimonio de la inolvidable experiencia….More at CINCO BUENAS RAZONES PARA VIAJAR A PUERTO MADRYN

Excursion Canal de Beagle Ushuaia


Notice to users: Please note that currently this content only exist in Spanish language but we will have it published in English & Portuguese very soon. We appreciate your patience.

Tomar la excursion por el Canal de Beagle is imperdible, vean por que en esta excelente nota:

Es la Tierra del Fin del Mundo. La naturaleza muestra aquí los paisajes más puros del planeta, y la emoción se conjuga con la aventura al navegar las aguas del bellísimo Canal de Beagle. La bahía se presenta casi virgen al visitante que admira sorprendido la vida desplegada en sus orillas, entre el vuelo de cormoranes, albatros, skúas y petreles. En cualquier momento del año se realizan excursiones en catamaranes o en veleros, en las aguas del histórico Canal, pero el recorrido varía según la estación en la que se lleve a cabo. Una de las tradicionales travesías es la visita a la Isla de Los Lobos. Como parte de esta sorprendente excursión, se destaca la visita al Faro Les Eclaireurs, ubicada a la entrada de la Bahía de Ushuaia, y el avistaje de diversas especies de aves, y una colonia de lobos marinos, en la Isla de los Pájaros. Estas dos islas integran el archipiélago de Bridges. En verano, la Isla de los Lobos, se observa durante el regreso de otro clásico circuito, que parte desde Ushuaia hacia Bahía Lapatia, ubicada dentro del Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego….More at Paseos por el Canal de Beagle – Turismo en Argentina

Ushuaia, capital de Tierra del FuegoIMG_7835

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Planning a trip to Patagonia

This is an excelent note about the activities and adventures in Patagonia, please read the original full article, this is just a snippet:

Patagonia is a wonder of the world. Its headlining acts – the Torres del Paine national park, the southern right whales off Península Valdés, the Perito Moreno glacier – are spectacular, but can detract from the sublime and varied topography of the region as a whole. For some travellers, the most memorable moments will not be at the photogenic highlights but on the road trips in between: the huge dome of the sky, tufts of coirón grass bursting through the desert, a solitary guanaco keeping watch from a hilltop.

These are the scenes that define South America’s great tabula rasa. At a practical level, the tourism offering is ever more diverse: 4×4 adventures, golfing, salmon fishing, cruising, riding, quad-biking and skiing. For those who need a break, the remote – and increasingly luxurious – estancias are an opportunity to read, drink good (Patagonian) wines and dine on the finest barbecued lamb. But Patagonia is like nowhere else on Earth and needs patience and a willingness to move slowly – it is geological time down here and hasty visitors will miss everything that matters.

When to go

South of the 40th parallel, South America has a temperate climate and a true winter season. The best months to go are from November to March (the southern summer), when the mean daytime temperature hovers around the twenties in the Bariloche area and the low teens at Ushuaia and Punta Arenas. On the Argentine side, expect strong winds in the steppe areas; on the Chilean side, rainfall is likely the closer you are to the Pacific Ocean. Note that South Americans holiday in January and February, so November, December and March are ideal. Read more from

Tours In Ushuaia


All the tours in Ushuai in a nice post:

Cruising the Beagle Channel

Ushuaia is located right on the tip of Argentina on the island of Tierra Del Fuego. It’s not far from Antarctica and the cold is proof of that. A panorama of snow capped mountains hug the town, which sits on the Beagle channel. Wind whips across the channel at high speed and causes the weather to change within hours. It is a place where adventure is in the air and where people flock for a spectacular outdoor experience. Be it hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, horse-riding or wildlife watching, you can find it all here.

Unlike many cities in South America, Ushuaia is built for the cold. Behind every door is a toasty warm fire and lively atmosphere. It is clean, you can drink the water straight from the tap and the locals are super friendly. You can snuggle up to a great cup of coffee or hot chocolate or feast on homemade pastas and king crab in the town’s many restaurants.

As I write, I am sitting in a cozy cafe on the main street after a wonderful morning of horse riding gaucho style followed by a hot bath at our homestay. My other half, Stuart, opted for a day of fly-fishing and I am hoping he returns with tales of giant trout, and plenty of them. Other group members went to view a nearby glacier and some will soon return from a day of hiking and canoeing. Yesterday we all piled onto a small boat and skidded to a nearby island which is home to thousands of penguins. You can walk just meters from them as they are fairly unafraid of humans. Two types of penguins inhabit the island, the Magellanic Penguin and the Gentoo Penguin and both are fascinating and amusing to watch. We also managed a ride out onto the Beagle Channel and spotted sea lions sunbathing in the Arctic temperatures….More at Intrepid Express Blog » ushuaia: southern-most city in the world Image by Quiltsalad via Flickr

Casas de Te in Gaiman

Las casas de te en Gaiman se visitan generalmente en la tarde luego de la excursion a Punta Tombo.

Es un pueblo que parece detenido en el tiempo:

La merienda

Entre tantas tradiciones queremos contarles hoy dos, una muy vieja, de los tiempos de la fundación, y otra muy nueva, surgida a partir de la visita de Lady Diana Spencer, que se suman a los atractivos que brinda en invierno esta región….More at  Galés y recuerdos de Lady Di en Gaiman – Patagonia Argentina Image by morrissey via Flickr